The Power of a Badge

What’s in a badge?

Earlier this year, when we set out to create Confidence Systems and empower customers to trust that businesses follow guidelines and complete all the different tasks they promise, we re-imagined the badge beyond its traditional two-dimensional form. 


The result — what we call The Badge of Confidence — validates that appropriate tasks were completed satisfactorily. Participating businesses display these badges prominently on premise or online. These badges are like shields of honor, points of pride, symbols of quality; signs that announce, HEY CUSTOMERS, WE PROMISE YOU WILL GET THE BEST OF WHAT WE DO CONSISTENTLY. 


This concept, this reassurance, facilitates peace of mind. That’s one of the most important parts of what we do.


How could a simple image say so much? How could it be so critical to our existence as a company? The answers to these questions are key components of why Confidence is different.


Badges in my life

For me, a kid from New York, badges always have meant something special. I grew up the son of immigrants from Italy; my father had a tailor shop outside of Buffalo, and I spent most of my childhood Saturdays shadowing him in that shop.


I remember a lot from those days. Like how hard he worked. And how much customer service mattered to him. I remember how he beamed when customers would come in raving about his handiwork. Perhaps my most vivid memory revolves around a certificate on the wall—this was the piece of paper confirming his arrival as a master tailor.


This document hung on the wall in the fitting area—understated enough to remain in the background but conspicuous enough to tell his story if anyone asked. My father treated it like gold. For him, the certificate was the representation of all the hard work he’d put in as an apprentice. Sometimes, when it was just the two of us in the shop, he’d even point to it and describe it as a reflection of all his teachers and the amazing tailors before him.


In short, it was a point of pride. And it meant the world to him.


Badges in general

Most badges don’t carry the same kind of personal significance, but all are important. Think about it—whether we’re talking about college diplomas, military stripes, or even placards from the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau, badges often indicate accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in a given environment.


A friend of mine has daughters in the Girl Scouts and every time they complete a different activity, they get a new patch or badge for their vests. Visit a local dentist? Get a patch. Tour the local humane society? Get a patch. Sell cookies in a particular year? Get a patch. You see how it works.


While physical badges have been in use for hundreds of years, the idea of digital badges is a relatively recent development drawn from research into gamification. To this point, digital badges have been applied largely in education or learning environments. Experts predict that the next application will be in work environments, to verify and inspire consistency. 


You could even argue that a grade on a test is a badge of sorts, as the grade is the result and reflection of work you put in before the exam. Whether the outcome is good or bad, a badge signifies that action was taken.


The Badge of Confidence

Which brings us back to the Badge of Confidence. Our badge matters because it signifies that action was taken, that our customers not only went through a series of paces, but that they measured those paces against baseline performance with our Artificial Intelligence engine. It means customers not only completed specific actions, but also performed those actions satisfactorily.


This isn’t a subjective process—it’s based on facts, and on doing things according to guidelines.


For that reason, the Badge of Confidence is just as meaningful as one you might get from an outside organization, or the one on the wall of my dad’s shop. The badge separates the talkers from the walkers. Every time.


The Badge of Confidence exemplifies truth, something you can unequivocally point to as uncompromised. It encapsulates trust, something you can count on as reliable and real. Now more than ever, we see trust and truth as currency. Which makes our badge proof of value in the modern world.

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