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In a world full of uncertainty, we all need people we can trust—people in whom we have the utmost confidence to do jobs right. That’s why the Confidence® Partner Community is so important.

Anyone Can Be A Partner Of Confidence®


Earn with Confidence®


Be an industry thought leader


Integrate your device or product


Ambassadors are our partners on the front lines, evangelists who use their voices and social media presence to extol the virtues of Confidence® to everyone and anyone who will listen. Our Ambassadors also serve as recruiters, lining up others to join the ranks to spread the word.  Put simply, they are the collective face of our organization.


Create a new revenue stream

The ConfidenceTM reseller program provides opportunities to profit more from existing businesses

Add Value To Clients With A New Solution

Deliver new solutions that make a difference to clients’ business operations

Differentiate Engagements

Use ConfidenceTM to digitize engagements with clients



Our industry experts are the ultimate doers, subject-matter experts working behind the scenes to devise purpose-built protocols to achieve clearly stated objectives. These punch lists comprise templates that codify the tasks a company must complete to earn consumer trust. We store them in our Marketplace, which is growing every day.


Be A Thought Leader For Industry

With ConfidenceTM, supplement thought leadership and differentiate from the competition

Get Recognition For Defined Processes

Expertly defined process templates can be free or provided for a fee to clients 

Create New Revenue Streams
The Confidence® reseller program provides opportunities to profit more from existing businesses


Integrators are our technology gurus, the partners who work code-crunching magic to integrate a device or product and drive compliance with the protocols and processes our templates outline. This integration can happen manually through the Confidence ® API or automatically through our smart platform enabled for the Internet of Things.


Showcase Products In The Confidence Community
Promote proprietary products in the Confidence® Community , validating usage for a task or project 
Help drive compliance and protocols

Help clients adhere to compliance and protocols by integrating solutions into the process

Add value to clients

Help clients solve complex business tasks that Confidence® validates with the help of AI


Badges of ConfidenceTM certify businesses have followed specific processes and protocols. They are published to the Confidence Smart DisplayTM for on-premise view upon completion.


The headline element on every badge declares the real-time status of a business workflow. This is the easiest way to see how a business performs against its own benchmarks.


Confidence® works with hundreds of partners to establish health and safety guidelines. This part of the badge displays which partner guidelines have been met.

Audit Information

Here, the badge reveals precisely when a business performed its last compliance check. Customers can track this data to see how frequently a business reports.

Space Information

Consider this section of the badge the coordinates for where to find a business. The data is particularly helpful when businesses have multiple spaces in one geography.

Becoming a Partner is Free

Anyone can sign up to become a partner. We provide a promotional code to everyone who signs up, and encourage partners to share their codes as they spread the word. Whenever a new company uses a partner’s promo code, that partner receives attribution. In some cases this means monetary compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Confidence Ambassador Program is suitable for any value added reseller or sales professional.  Register today.

We require Partners to notch a minimum of five closed opportunities per year to stay in the Confidence Referral program. Participation does not require a lot of time.

Customer Success is one of our most important values.  Without customers, we don’t exist.  Clients always can rely on the Partner who signed them, but can provide feedback in the Community of Confidence as well.

Be all three! We value all Confidence partners. For those with the determination to make money or those with expert industry templates that others will value, joining our team is a great opportunity.

Get started as an Expert and our tutorials will lead the way. Sign up now to learn more.

Sign up as an Integrator and we’ll provide the details.